Collect all your music royalties, earn even more from sync-licensing



Record Labels


Ad. Agencies

Musicians & record labels

Any songwriter or record label can apply to Tempo and have us administrate your royalty collection, publishing & sync-licensing.

Through our many years working in the music industry, Tempo Production has a huge network of partners to help your music get the opportunities it deserves. We’ll work with any style or genre of music, what’s important is that the music is of a high quality, giving it the best chance of getting a high-profile sync-license.


Once your application is accepted, we’ll contact you to decide on the best plan to get your catalogue earning you more money. We can supply you with any agreements and paperwork you will need, and will take care of all the necessary administration, so you can concentrate on what you do best – Making & signing great music.

If you’re a musician or band signed to a record label, we can probably still work with you directly, and we can even check out any contracts you have signed. We usually work together with both the artist and label to help get your music the best opportunities available.
If you’re a record label who already uses Tempo for digital distribution, we can add your catalogue to our repertoire as needed, without the need for you to send audio again.


As well as working to secure sync opportunities for your music on TV, adverts, films, games & more, we will also collect all public performance royalties owed to you.

We will collect your money for:

  • Radio airplay
  • Public performance
  • YouTube royalties
  • Successful sync-licenses


Filmmakers & ad-agencies

Looking for the ideal music to use on a film, advert or other media?
We’ll help you find the best tracks from our catalogue.

The wide range of music in our catalogue spans a variety of genres, styles and moods from only the best producers and artists. We can provide examples from our catalogue that best match the requirements of your project and provide you with examples for you to consider.

We turn around any catalogue requests swiftly, so you can focus on completing your project with minimum fuss, and the perfect sound-track.